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You will find the faculty at University of Southern Maine (USM) to be highly knowledgeable, passionate about their areas of expertise, inspiring, helpful—and wholly dedicated to your success.


USM Faculty Libby Cohen

Dr. Libby Cohen

Professor Emerita

"USM is a great university to study education. Faculty members are caring, dedicated, knowledgeable, and very talented. They are committed to supporting the growth and development of their students. They are extraordinary."

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USM Faculty Andrea Davenport

Dr. Andrea Stairs-Davenport

Professor/Associate Dean

"At USM, we allow students to pursue topics of their choosing in all courses. We believe each student should learn broadly about TESOL but also go deeply into topics that matter to them."

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USM Faculty Walter Kimball

Dr. Walter H. Kimball


"Be prepared to put your knowledge and skills to use through applied projects."

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USM Faculty Stewart Mccafferty

Dr. Anita Stewart McCafferty

Associate Professor

"I would advise online graduate students to take the opportunity to immerse themselves in our professional learning community through active participation in discussion boards and participation in professional learning events, and professional development offered through Southern Maine Partnership and the greater USM community."

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USM Faculty Rachel Albert

Dr. Rachel E. Albert

Professor of Nursing

"The qualities for success in advanced nursing include mostly grit, diligence, and ambition; however, professionalism, problem solver, good clinical judgment, evidence-based practitioner, caring, patient advocate, effective communicator and listener, collaborator, and the ability to lead are also critical."

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USM Faculty Jeanne Gottlieb

Dr. Jeanne Gottlieb

Assistant Professor

"Open your mind to new ideas for learning and shared learning. You are no longer a passive learner; you are an active learner. Seek support from family and friends for daily commitments so that you can spend energy and time in achieving your personal learning goals."

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Jill Olausson

Associate Professor

"My own experience in synchronous and asynchronous learning allowed me to understand the online learning environment from a student perspective."

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USM Faculty Logo

Dr. Tanya L. Sleeper

Associate Professor of Nursing

"Preparing and positioning the profession for the current and future needs of health care delivery requires an ongoing commitment to lifelong learning and professional development to meet our responsibilities."

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USM Faculty Logo

Dr. Erin Soucy

Dean of Undergraduate Nursing

"A commitment to high-quality patient care standards must be foundational to successful nursing practice in any aspect of the nursing profession."

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USM Faculty Judy Tupper

Judy Tupper

Director, Population Health & Public Health, Cutler Institute

"My advice to those considering this program is to jump in! You are making an investment in your future."

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